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Do YOU still remember how it feels to roll down the hill, run barefoot on the grass, play with big water guns, and make snow sculptures? Of course you do, but when was the last time you let yourself do something really fun? Yesterday? You are awesome! :)

You came to the right site. This is a website where you can find inspiration and smile. Simply surrender to the stories and let them carry you along on merry adventures. Welcome.

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Stronger together

Behind a good night sleep, the unusual dreams are hidden. They take you to the land of ´Nowhere´ and further. We can do anything in dreams and all is possible. We can fly, scream of joy for no reason, become musicians or real artists. They show us the solution of a puzzle we ask ourselves Continue Reading

Something witchy is in the air

Flying above the top of the spruce, wind blowing in your face and starry sky make all the blood run through your veins. Together with some naughty thoughts and interesting spell on top, it gives you a real witchy feeling. Hm, now we know how it feels to be a witch on a broom. But Continue Reading

Real friendship lasts forever

Can you imagine that the smell of fresh pancakes awakes you? And when you open your eyes, you see an unusual scene in front: a robot ´Pancake-baker´ bakes pancakes on its own. All that you need is a few eggs, flour, milk and some food additives. Like you would live in a cartoon. Awesome! Exactly Continue Reading