About Koki

Family evenings are usually quite similar: dinner, shower (well, not quite every day :D), teeth brushing, jumping into bed, cuddling, and then comes the story. “Mum, Dad, a story please.” These are so familiar words that most parents can relate to. And then this young creature says: “A different one please. I already know this one by heart.” “Okay. How about this one: Stories from Narnia.” “No, you read that one yesterday and last week too!”
Slowly we run out of books and good old stories that these kids wouldn’t remember. They are such smart kids. Hm. And then an idea drops straight from the universe. “Tell your kids your own story,” whispers your inner voice. “Yes, why not?” And that’s how the stories about Koki were born.

Who is Koki?
Koki is just like any other boy on the planet Earth but with a few differences. He comes from a different galaxy, from planet Kros, where they have different habits and use a very advanced technology. He met two boys on planet Earth and they became best friends. Since then, their minds are bursting with ideas and plans for the most unusual adventures between the two planets. By reading the forthcoming stories that are suitable for just about any reader, you will be able to discover how they met and what adventures the three heroes experienced. But beware! Reading the following pages is contagious and naughty. :)
P.S: SpaceStories and all its heroes are products of author’s imagination. Any resemblance to real persons is purely coincidental.

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