Real friendship lasts forever

Can you imagine that the smell of fresh pancakes awakes you? And when you open your eyes, you see an unusual scene in front: a robot ´Pancake-baker´ bakes pancakes on its own. All that you need is a few eggs, flour, milk and some food additives. Like you would live in a cartoon. Awesome!

Exactly the same was the scene of our two heroes when they woke up. They were on holidays with Koki. Koki rushed to his friends and invited them for breakfast. He explained them his plan for an adventure that day. First they will look over his inventions and then they will fly to the sea for some bathing. Yes, the summer started on planet Kros too.

Koki´s lab was exactly the same as his friends imagined. It was full of accessories, tools and useful inventions that had at least one useful characteristic. They quickly recognized a robot – the cleaner – which Koki already introduced once. They saw a big and round robot in front of them: ˝And what does he do?˝ ˝That is my space ship engineer. He takes care that my space ship works.˝˝Wow, Koki. What a giant telescope.˝˝Yes. I will show you the stars and planets in your galaxy one day. You won´t believe how visible they are.˝ ˝Great. I can hardly wait. I have a feeling, that this holidays will be really something special,˝ Nicki looked forward for adventures.

Koki showed them his latest invention. It was a space flying carpet with an umbrella for hot days. ˝Awesome,˝ was the only comment his friends managed to say. ˝It looks great. You are incredible.” Koki prepared his backpack with a snack, gave them beanie caps with a propeller and off they jumped on the carpet. Unexpectedly Koki´s dog Kuku joined them. They flew above Koki´s house from where his happy sister waved at them. His friends never experienced before such an open view from the sky.  A little above them, the space ships overtook them and beneath them was a settlement of unusual houses and vessels parked in front of them. Wind blew in their hair beneath the caps with a propeller that were spinning around and emitted blue light upon them. They felt fantastic and yelled: ˝Woohoo, woohoo!˝

Suddenly a big blue surface opened in front of them, surrounded with an unusual forest. Koki warned his friends: ˝There are creatures similar to seahorses but much bigger. They are kind and very sensitive. You do not have to be afraid.˝ Well, this statement achieved the opposite effect. On the face of both friends appeared concern and curiosity.  They parked the space carpet right beside the lake and went to the water. First jumped fearless Kuku, Koki and Luca followed him and in the end also joined Nicki. They swam under water, threw themselves into it and enjoyed in cold refreshment. Suddenly Luca vanished under the water like something would drag him under it. Kuku started barking and looking for him confusingly. Nicki was worried about his brother and tried to find him with endless diving and waving with his hands. Koki opened his eyes widely and observed the scene in front. Nicki got scared and shouted loudly: ˝Lucaa!˝ In front of him stood a giant seahorse. His neck was tall at least 3 m above the water, where Luca was holding him with a big smile on his face: ˝Isn´t he fabulous? One of these seahorses could save all the rest, smaller ones on the Earth, so they wouldn´t catch them anymore. What do you say?˝ Koki started to laugh and Nicki was angry with his brother who scared him a lot.

Two more seahorses showed up, ready for a play with our heroes. All three of them rode them and started to chase above and below the waterline. Kuku followed them fearlessly and had fun by himself too. Suddenly one seahorse with Nicki on his back disappeared under the water. Luca, who noticed that first, screamed loudly:˝Niickii!˝ Koki wasn´t wasting his time:˝Kuku, bring me the mask.˝ Kuku ran towards the flying carpet and brought Koki the mask with integrated oxygen mini bomb which lasted around 20 minutes. Koki jumped into the sea and disappeared after Nicki.

Luca jumped off the seahorse and said to him: ˝Go after them and help them!˝ The seahorse nodded  as he understood him and went after them. Luca was swimming up and down filled with worries, when he noticed the shadows approaching him from under the surface. Out of the water rose Koki who held Nicki under his arms. ˝That was just awesome! What a beautiful underwater world!˝˝Nicki, are you ok? Have you had a propeller cap on for too long? What underwater world?˝Luca looked at his brother with concern. ˝Oh, Luca. Don´t you worry. The seahorse had blown oxygen in my mouth the minute we disappeared under the water. It was incredible. Their world is like a fairytale. It is full of underwater castles, overgrown with algae. Among seahorses rules peace and total affiliation. I saw them wrapping their tails around each other and hugging. They are very gentle.˝˝Hm, nice.˝ Luca commented on brother´s tail.

Koki smiled and said: ˝Seahorses have their own world. There is friendship and love between each other. Nicki, probably the seahorse wanted to show you how strong is true friendship and family. It needs to be cherished in life.˝ Nicki thought and said: ˝Yes. It is true. Many times we take that for granted.˝ ˝Koki, thank you for your help. Without your true friendly help I would still wander in the underwater world.˝˝Ha, ha, you are really something. I think the seahorses would bring you back, wouldn’t they, Koki?˝ Luca looked at his friend Koki.˝Hm, probably. Or they would take you as one of their own and in time you would become a seahorse too.˝ Nicki looked at him with his eyes wide open and Koki said: ˝I was just kidding!˝

The three friends went to the space flying carpet and flew off to Koki´s home. At home, Koki´s Dad baked fish on the barbecue in space sauce. Mm, it smelled really nice. Just the right timing for the empty tummies. Of course Kuku smelled the dinner too. They finished the dinner with great pleasure. In their heads a movie about the past adventure was still rolling. Yes, true friendship should rule everywhere. Not only in the kingdom of giant seahorses but also on planet Earth.

When was the last time you really meet your good friend? Long time ago? Really? Then is the right time to call him and invite him for a friendly date or two. True friendships need care. They last forever and deserve it. Don´t they?



Sea bass with curry


4 medium-sized cleaned sea bass

olive oil

Tikka curry paste

salt and pepper

Put salt and pepper on bass, and rub them with curry. Warm up a grill plate and add some olive oil. Bake bass from all sides and enjoy the sea-spicy oriental flavor. Beside go well tomato salad, fresh whole grain bread and home-made ice tea. Yummy :) Bon Appetite!



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