Something witchy is in the air

Flying above the top of the spruce, wind blowing in your face and starry sky make all the blood run through your veins. Together with some naughty thoughts and interesting spell on top, it gives you a real witchy feeling. Hm, now we know how it feels to be a witch on a broom. But what happens when a witch crashes into a spaceship? Can you imagine? Peek at the next lines and leave yourselves to a real witch race.

Koki landed on the terrace of the apartment of his two friends and admired big orange pumpkins that were greeting him with a smile. They were of various shapes and had different expressions and they reminded of orange heads of invisible ghosts: round and fat or narrow and elongated. All together they gave a cheeky welcome – a welcome that brought a smile even to the most serious faces.

His friends jumped from behind a corner of the corridor and asked: “Koki, have you heard of witches?” “Well, yes, of course. They are my friends. Sometimes we race each other in the air.” “Really? That must be awesome!” “I was just kidding. I haven’t met them yet, but I have heard of them.” “But your idea about air races is absolutely awesome! Can you imagine a competition with flying ladies on the brooms? That would be the event of the century, don’t you think?” “Ha, ha ha, you are really something! And how would you call them?” the older brother asked Luca. “That’s easy. Today is Halloween and the full moon. I suggest we wait on the terrace until the night comes and observe the sky.” Koki and Luca looked at each other and agreed without a word.

Soon, the night fell down and the three heroes prepared themselves for the search of their future friends. They had witchy spaghetti made by their Mum’s recipe and were equipped with space binoculars. Koki always kept them in his little spaceship for emergency cases. They put themselves into strategic positions and pointed their binoculars into the sky. Each of them was observing his part of the sky. Koki chose the Moon in the middle while Luca and Nicki chose the left and the right side of the sky. They became tired from long observation. They almost gave up, when Koki shouted: “Look! There are black spots flying towards the Moon. Can you see them?” “Yes, some really small ones. And they are becoming bigger and bigger.” “Quick. We need to go up into the air!” Koki encouraged his friends.

They ran into the little spaceship and closed the heavy doors behind them. They flew up into the air and floated at the same height as the flying creatures. Koki pointed his space binocular towards them and they watched their friends approaching. At first they looked quite scary. They saw only contours of curved hats and dark hair fluttering beneath them. Wrapped in dark clothes, the witches were operating their flying crafts. But when they came closer, the friends saw happy, smiling faces of ladies with dishevelled hair and bright-coloured clothes. They had never seen so many unusual flying crafts before: some witches were riding brooms of different shapes, other vacuum cleaners, and the rest were flying on ski poles.

Soon, the witches surrounded their spaceship and greeted them: “Hi guys! Are you having fun? We really didn’t expect such welcome.” Our three heroes were silently watching them and it took a moment or two before they woke up from the trance: “Well, actually we wanted to propose something to you,” Luca blurted out. The two friends looked at him angrily, because they were a bit afraid of how the flying ladies would respond. “Yeah? What is it?” The witch who seemed to be the leader approached them. She had a charcoal black hair, the largest hat and a big old broom. Luca swallowed hard and continued: “Em, would you like to have a race with us?” A smile and admiration appeared on the face of the witch at the same time: “You are very brave, guys. We accept the challenge!”

Two witches stepped each on a separate side to mark the starting line. All the others went behind the line and Koki parked his little spaceship in the middle. Ladies on both sides looked at the three heroes and wished them good luck by a thumbs-up gesture. Guys smiled and waited for the starting signal from one of the witches at the beginning of the starting line. Finally, she raised her hand high and dropped it down a few moments later. All the competitors behind the starting line ran and flew straight in the air. Koki turned on his rocket engine and his flying fellow competitors turned on their turbo powers. They were flying around Koki’s spaceship and zigzagging back and forth. Koki increased his flying speed and dangerously approached the first three witches. He was very close to them and tried to overtake them. The witches did not give up easily. Their turbo vacuum cleaners and brooms were rushing like hell. The guys could not believe their eyes as they had been counting on an easy victory.

“I wonder how it would feel to fly a broom,” wondered Luca. “Ah, I feel much safer in a spaceship,” replied Nicki. Koki said only: “We are approaching the finish line. I can’t go any faster.” At that moment, the witches turned left and right so that Koki crossed the finish line first. “Ho, ho, ho. Victory!” cheered Luca. “Of course, they let us win,” said Nicki. “I think they did it with a reason,” ended their conversation Koki. True. Before them they saw a bunch of flying witches who bowed as a sign of respect and raised their hats in the air in greeting. The main witch flew very close to them and said: “You were very brave, boys! Remember: In life, boldness and bravery count. There is always an interesting story waiting for the curious ones that is worth of every challenge. If you do not accept the challenge, you will never find out the story.”

She rolled in the air with her magic wand and dropped a gleaming dust on the spaceship. “What was that?” curiously asked Luca. “I think we were sprinkled with a lucky dust that will keep all accidents away,” replied his blue friend. “That is great! Witches are really friendly ladies, aren’t they?” They waved at them in greeting and watched them disappear into the night, to encourage even more people on the planet. The friends landed silently on the terrace of the apartment and said goodbye to each other with naughty smiles. “What a great adventure. Koki, this was really a hell of a good idea!” “It was our idea. With you, every gathering is also a fun adventure!” They gave high fives and Koki flew home, high into the sky. Only a mischievous smile on their faces gave away their past adventure.

Do you like a flying broom,

who would run to you from a cartoon?

It would take you far away,

like a dream on a sunny day.

It would show you a thousand stars

that shine around for million miles.

They light up the whole space

and give you a warm embrace.


Witchy spaghetti for 3:

250 g of Barilla whole wheat spaghetti

300 g of fresh baby spinach


olive oil

sour cream

Parmesan cheese


Clean the spinach, wash it and cut into noodles. In a saucepan, warm the olive oil and sauté spinach until soft. In the meantime, add salt and mix well. Cook the spaghetti according to the instructions and sprinkle them with a few drops of olive oil to avoid sticking. Put them on plates and add two spoons of spinach and two full little spoons of sour cream. Mix spaghetti and sauce and put some Parmesan on top. Enjoy the witchy green taste. Yummy! J Bon appetite!


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  1. Blueice99 pravi:

    my mom was born on 31 october :)

  2. barbara pravi:

    ..lucky you..:)..that must be interesting :)

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