Stronger together

Behind a good night sleep, the unusual dreams are hidden. They take you to the land of ´Nowhere´ and further. We can do anything in dreams and all is possible. We can fly, scream of joy for no reason, become musicians or real artists. They show us the solution of a puzzle we ask ourselves before the sleep every night. The next morning we just need to see it.

The three heroes woke up in a beautiful morning on the planet Kros. Koki’s friends were completely astonished by his planet. It was a new day, ready for a new adventure. This time, Koki’s friends wished to visit his town. He suggested seeing an amusement park which was very popular on this side of the planet. They had breakfast and right after, off they went with his little space ship. They observed the houses beneath them and the happening around. Some were trimming the plants with laser scissors, others were watering the flowers with mini irrigation equipment, and some were simply laying and floating in space hammocks. Koki parked his little space ship in front of the amusement park. It was similar to the amusement parks on Earth, but it was much larger and full of unusual vessels and facilities.

Boys were hardly waiting to test their skills. ”Koki, what is that huge mirror?” ”Hm, that is not a mirror. That is an entrance into the magnetic tunnel, where a real space fast train awaits. They shoot it into space where it runs like a rocket through the tunnel with invisible walls, which are completely transparent. You can see the whole space through them. Shall we try it?” Koki looked at his friends.  ”Of course. That will be our first stop,” was trilled Luca. They went to the entrance which reminded of a huge mirror with a golden framework, but without the surface. They watched the children with their parents vanishing into the entrance and they became very excited.

They stepped through and saw a beautiful silver train right in front of them. The doors were opening upwards, as with any sports car, and it reminded them of the horizontal rocket with a rounded nose in front. ”Wow, awesome!” was the only sound the two brothers could produce. They stepped into an empty wagon, attached safety belts and felt the excitement all over the body. A train started to move slowly and before them opened up the most beautiful view. Space, sprinkled with thousands of stars, waved them in greeting. But only for a moment, then the train started to descend rapidly. The boys shouted with excitement and became completely relaxed. It rushed up, closer to the stars, and down toward the planet Kros. At times it was quite scary; they had the feeling of falling into space. It seemed as if this wild ride will never end. The train raged and disposed its passengers until it began to calm down and stop. Space at their fingertips slowly disappeared and the train stopped at the last station of this universal journey. “Woohoo, woohoo. This was an experience! Craziest ride so far,” exclaimed enthusiastically Luca. “So was mine,” Nicki also agreed with him.

“Now we go to the lasers. ‘” Lasers? ” his friend Luca curiously looked at him.” Yes.  You’ll see.” They went toward the next point. Before them was a huge dome and when they entered, they saw the perfect laser world. Every visitor got a laser gun and a mini flying board, which took him up in the air to the other shooters. In the middle of the dome was a small target, surrounded by a lot of moving obstacles. Other players in this game tried to drive and hit the target, which was a really big challenge. Three heroes took positions and began to target by themselves too. Using the balance, they governed the flying boards and tried to get to the goal. Koki almost managed to hit the target when he was accidentally hit by the flying board of another shooter. He barely managed to catch himself and prevent his fall. Nicki saw that and remembered ingenious solution: “I have an idea. Let’s stand together so that the flying boards stick to each other. So we will all help keeping our balance. “” This is a really great idea. Let’s try!” agreed with him Koki. They made a ‘human wall’ and turned the blue lasers towards the red target in the middle. Nothing stood in their way now. Like three commandos they swept with competitors and completely shattered the target. ‘Wow.”  ”Awesome!” “Such dudes,” echoed the comments of the others in the great hall within the space dome.

The heroes of the day looked at each other with a smile, gave themselves a high five and went happy to receive the prize. They received a robot – a story teller, which was telling stories about planet Kros. Koki politely resigned it to his friends: “Why don’t you guys take it. I already got one.” “Thank you, Koki,” friends replied cheerfully. “Well, did you see? Together we are stronger,” Koki continued. “Of course we are stronger. And we were fantastic,” agreed with him Nicki. “Yeah. Trio Fantasticus,” added Luka his comment. “You know, in unity there is strength,” continued Koki. “We know. Well, we know that our stomachs are quite empty, because this rumble now was not screaming, but the sound of our tummies, right?” Nicki looked at him curiously. “Oh, that’s right. I completely forgot. Parents asked me to bring you back for lunch. Hurry.” They flew back home and proudly remembered their campaign with lasers.

Hm, in unity there is really strength. Like in football, basketball or any other sport. What is important is the strategy, a good plan and team spirit: all for one and one for all. And that’s the magic of joined forces. That is a real winning feeling, a feeling that prevails regardless of the final coming out. Do you remember those moments?


Chicken skewers for 3:


3 x chicken fillet (whole)

1 red pepper

sticks for skewers

salt, pepper, rosemary

olive oil

Cut up the chicken fillet and pepper to about 2cm wide pieces. Spice them up and add olive oil. For the creative part you need a pair of small hands and trust them completely for color combinations. When the skewers are ready, bake them from all sides and enjoy the juicy bite. Besides goes well the tomato salad with onions. Yummy! :) Bon Appetit!

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